Kim Gustafson

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Department M.S. in Mechanical Science and Engineering, 2019


M.S. in Mechanical Science and Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2019
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
University of Minnesota, 2017


Kim was born and raised just outside Minneapolis, MN. She completed her undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota, and has a passion for learning new things. In her free time, she loves cooking, playing the piano, reading, and running. Her research at the University of Minnesota centered around the development and design of a medical stroke orthotic. While completing her undergraduate degree, she worked at Graco Inc., an industrial pump company, where her work ranged from assisting in the design of an industrial paint pump to designing fixtures to aid in the manufacturing assembly lines. She recently joined the BAM Lab in the fall of 2017 and is using her knowledge and experience in design to expand the functionality and efficiency of the annelid-inspired crawling origami robot.


Kim’s research is focused on improving and characterizing the working prototype of the crawling origami robot. Her focus is on making the robot more robust as well as increasing its functionality to include burrowing, swimming, and vertical movement. She is also working with another graduate student on increasing the efficiency of the robot and assessing how the robot interfaces with its environment.