Kyung Jun “Paul” Lee



BS in Mechanial Science and Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2019


Paul was born in Seoul, South Korea, but spent his childhood and teenage years in Manila, Philippines. Paul chose to be an engineer, because he was fascinated with robots, cars, and electronics since his childhood. He specifically decided to become a mechanical engineer because he was interested in the hands-on experience in designing and creating the physical body. His main field of interest is controls and robotics. Paul’s interest in robotics spurred from “robotic arm” which he created with the project team of iRobotics. Before starting his research experience in the field of robotics, he first started his research experience in Rogers Research Group, where he investigated in thin, soft, skin-mounted devices used to monitor and analyze human sweat. Paul now works in Bio-inspired Adaptive Morphology Lab, to research in the elements consisting the ornithopter. Outside the school, he worked in Samsung Electronics, where he developed future mobile devices. Now, as a graduating student, Paul aspires to study and research in controls and robotics in his future.


Paul is creating a new test system for the ornithopter that is capable of repeatable tests. Compared to the previous test system, the new test system has higher stability, and the ability to change the angle of attack and linear position of the ornithopter. The new test system will be utilized to collect data from testing the ornithopter and making improvements in the future.