Tianhao Zhao

Department B.S. in Mechanical Science and Engineering, 2018


B.S. in Mechanical Science and Engineering
University of Urbana-Champaign, Class of 2018


Tianhao is from Suzhou, China. Since he was young, he has been fascinated by automobiles, construction machines, and aircrafts. During his junior year, Tianhao spent all of his free time with iRobotics and engaged in  designing and building a combat robot. With his interests in automobile, Tianhao worked for Delphi Suzhou as a mechanical intern in 2014 summer to develop fixtures on the assembly line. In the summer of 2017, Tianhao worked for Sany America, in Peachtree City, Georgia, as a mechanical intern to do research on the smart positioning of Motor Graders. During his internship in Sany, Tianhao learned to operate the motor grader and excavator. In the Fall of 2017, Tianhao joined BAM lab and started to conduct research on the lift adjustment of an ornithopter wing.


Tianhao’s research topic is focused on the lift adjustment of an ornithopter wing. The adjustable lift was achieved by the single directional valve on the luff area of the wing. The 12 valves are designed to achieve area reductions of 20%, 40%, and 80% by different combinations. The effect of applying valves to the wing will be tested by comparing the force test result of a valved wing and a normal wing.

Email tzhao25@nospam5e4cc206a263b.illinois.edu