Valentino Wilson

Department B.S. in Mechanical Science and Engineering, 2019


B.S. in Mechanical Science and Engineering
University of Urbana-Champaign, 2019


Valentino is from Bartlett, IL a small northwest suburb of Chicago.  Growing up in a family with a heavy background in manufacturing and machining, he decided early on to not follow in the family footsteps and rather pursue an engineering education much like his father did.  Whereas his father pursued an education in Electrical Engineering, Valentino found that he liked more of the ‘hands-on’ approach and was always fascinated with learning how things were made and how they worked.  This interest mostly stemmed from his close relationship to his Nonno (grandfather) to whom was a machinist himself and always included Valentino in his projects as his effort to teach him the ‘hands-on’ skills necessary to excel as an engineer.  Upon coming to UIUC, Valentino quickly got involved with working in the Ford Rapid Prototyping Lab through the MechSE department in an effort to understand the technology of the additive manufacturing field.  Continual work in this field along with furthering his mechanical engineering education has led him to narrow his interests to solid mechanics in an effort to create a link between the security and defense fields with the biomechanics field.


Valentino’s research revolves around assisting in furthering the success of the Click Beetle project through video analysis and data collection.  His current duties entail the extraction of information regarding the beetles’ rotational and translational motion along with the initial ‘gamma’ angle the beetle makes with the ground as it harnesses its energy for the jump.  This information has aided in the creation of equations of motion for the click beetles’ airborne stage and in the future, using these equations, prototypes of the beetle will be created as proof of concept for the self-righting mechanism.