Grainger Engineering Weekend

    Our students made that size and breadth obvious on September 13th, too. They took over Grange Grove for the day ahead of the football game and turned it into “Grainger Grove.” Students hosted more than 20 EOH-style booths and demos, showing off much of what the college has to offer. We had thousands of […]

Kim wins two best paper awards at the SPIE conference, March 2019

Congratulations to Kim for winning the Best Student Paper first place prize and Best Student Paper second place prize for the Bioinspiration, Biomimetics, and Bioreplication at the SPIE 2019 conference in Denver, Colorado (March 2019) ! Kim presented her paper “Adaptive and compliant wing tip devices enabled by additive manufacturing and multi-stable structures”. She presented a […]

Ophelia and Professor Wissa present click beetle work at SICB in Tampa, FL

Earlier this month, graduate student Ophelia Bolmin and Professor Wissa traveled to Tampa, FL to present ongoing work on the clicking mechanism of click beetles at the 2019 Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) Annual Meeting. Ophelia presented novel synchrotron x-ray footage showing the internal latch mechanism of the click beetle, and Professor Wissa gave […]

Paper 2 Tree second annual outreach event

On November 6th, 2018, the BAM lab participated in the second annual Paper 2 Tree kickoff outreach event at Booker T Washington STEM academy in Champaign, IL. Professor Wissa and graduate students taught the fourth grade class about the advantages of boi-inspired design and the difference between gliders and commercial airplanes. The BAMers assisted the […]

Bolmin wins a Dissertation Travel Grant from the Graduate College

Bolmin won a Dissertation Travel Grant from the Graduate College (Spring 2017 award). She traveled to Atlanta to work on 3D printing of composite materials and complex structures with the company Hyrel 3D and to Argonne National Labs to record high speed x-ray footage of the hinge mechanism of click beetles. Link to the MechSE department’s news coverage: […]

Pagano, Yan, Chien, Wissa and Tawfick win the best published paper award on Adaptive Structures in 2017

Pagano, Yan, Chien, Wissa and Tawfick won the ASME Adaptive Structures and Material Systems Best Paper Award in Structural Dynamics and Control (best published paper award on Adaptive Structures in 2017). For more information on the project: Crawling Robot. Paper details: A. Pagano, T. Yan, B. Chien, A. Wissa and S. Tawfick  “A Crawling Robot Driven by Multi-Stable Origami ” , Smart […]

Crawling Robot

The Crawling Robot has received several news coverage, including: Tech Briefs (September 13th, 2017): (September 7th, 2017): Design Engineering, Long Room News, (September 4th, 2017): MechSE Illinois (August 17th, 2017), cited by Space Daily, TVN, R&D, ScienceNewsline, ECN, EurekAlert! :

Click Beetle Project

The Click Beetle Project has received several news coverage, including: Nature News (November 13th, 2017): Newsweek (November 13th, 2017): Yahoo! News (September 28th, 2017): (September 27th, 2018): Product Design and Development (September 26th, 2018): Illinois News Bureau (September 25th, 2017), cited by R&D, Laboratory Equipment, ScienceNewsline, ECN, EurelAlert! : […]