Girls Building Awesome Machines (GBAM) Outreach

 This summer, the BAM lab participated in the Girls Building Awesome Machines, GBAM, summer camp hosted by the Women in Engineering. The high school students were able to experiment with glider designs so as to better understand the mechanics of unpowered flight, exploring the relationship between wing area, lifting center, and mass. Check out the […]

Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship

This summer, Prof. Wissa and graduate student Josiah Waite will be working with the U.S. Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base as part of the Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship. Check out the full article discussing the research projects and goals they plan to accomplish.

Lab Progress

Since the start of the semester, we have been working hard to order equipment to get our lab in MEB 64 up and running. In just a few short weeks, our lab has gone from an empty room to one where most of our furniture is setup. We are very excited to begin working in […]

2015 Best Paper in Structures Award

Professor Aimy Wissa was a collaborator on the winning paper for the 2015 Best Paper in Structures Award from the Adaptive Structures and Material Systems (ASMS) branch of the Aerospace Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The paper, “Design and Optimization of a Contact-Aided Compliant Mechanism for Passive Bending,” stemmed from a […]