Paper 2 Tree Outreach Event

Professor Wissa and Graduate Student Kim Gustafson presenting the ornithopter.
On November 6st 2017, the BAM lab participated to the Paper 2 Tree kickoff outreach event at the Booker T. Washington STEM Academy in Champaign, IL. Professor Wissa and graduate students presented the lab’s ornithopter.  Students were introduced to bio-inspired design and were able to design and built gliders.
To learn more about the Paper 2 Tree initiative: https://paper2tree.org/
Students designing and building gliders.

Next Generation School Outreach

On April 21st 2017, the BAM lab along with the Applied Dynamics Laboratory and the Kinematics Material research lab participated to at the Next Generation School Robotics Outreach event in Champaign, IL. Professor Wissa and graduate students presented the ornithopter and the crawling robot. Students were able to get hands on the two robots proving them with an introduction into the world of bio-inspired robotics.
Professor Wissa and Graduate Student Chenfang Duan flapping the ornithopter while a student holds the robotic bird about to take-off.

Girls Building Awesome Machines Outreach Event

The BAM Lab is proud to have hosted an outreach event as part of the Girls Building Awesome Machines (GBAM) camp.

Group photo of all the campers with Prof. Wissa and Graduate Student Boris Mandazhiev
Camper excitedly holding the ornithopter
Students designing and building their own glider
Prof. Wissa checking out the gliders and offering advice
More students planning out their glider wing design
Students are starting to finish up
Putting some final touches on the gliders before flight testing
Students showing off a completed glider
Students showing off unique wing design
Launching station where students had lots of fun seeing how far their glider would go